Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Page to your Albums

What I do the first of every year is make a cover page for my album!  I have a few of these pages left if you would like them.  They are $4.   OR, you can make your own!   Just grab a paper pack and get them created.  

Here is my 2013 one.  Mine actually have pictures on them, but these are my extra ones.  If you came to my open house each year, you would have made one of these for free!  It is my gift to you!  
And each year my husband and I go out and take our picture on the 1st to put on our pages.  It was something that started for fun, now it turned into a tradition!  lol  
But it is a great way to get your first page done each year and I always feel "caught up" for just a little bit!
And here is my 2014 Page!

Now get your stuff out (or call me to grab one of the 2012 or 2013 pages) and create your pages!

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