Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Baby Gets Married!

Saturday, September 7th, my pride and joy got married!  It was ONE of my BEST DAYS EVER!

It was a BEAUTIFUL (humid) day.  When we were taking picture it was a little overcast...perfect for taking pictures!!  
The wedding was outside at a local country club.  Every detail was perfect and beautiful.
Here is Cody walking me and Brooke's mom Tracy down the aisle.  I was more then happy to share my son and the walk down the aisle with her.

This was a special moment as I hug my baby before he says I DO!  Cody was VERY nervous..for a moment we thought we were going to have to carry HIM down the aisle!  And there looking on behind us is my husband Stacey.  He got the honor of marrying them!  It was very special.

This is Brooke & her dad Scott.  This moment was touching!

This was a great moment...Cody was very emotional (he gets that from his mom) and as soon as they joined hands, it calmed Cody down.  To me this really symbolized how well Brooke is for Cody!  


Let me introduce to you...MR & MRS SEATON!

Cody was now VERY happy and CALM!  lol  

I think this is the most BEAUTIFUL wedding cakes I have ever seen.

Ahh...don't you just LOVE pictures!

Their first dance together as husband and wife.
This was the room we had dinner in...again BEAUTIFUL

Cody giving a toast

Stacey & I up at the alter area with the fountains in the background...and let me tell you...when you walk down an aisle...rose petals on the floor are VERY slippery!  lol

Here they are dancing again...I really like this picture because it gives you a better view of the outdoor pavilion where the wedding was, but when we went inside for dinner, they took down the chairs and set up a dance floor.  
And see all those tissue flowers up on the ceiling.  I made every one of those 175 flowers!  I still have blisters!  It was TOTALLY a labor of love!  Stacey tied all the strings on them and my friends, Brooke and her brides maids and her mom all helped "fluff" them.  It was ALL well worth it!

Here is our dance.  Yes the humidity likes naturally curly hair!  And the TEARS!  Wowsa!  lol

This was a cute game...they each had one of each others shoes and they were asked questions like...Who has the most shoes, who spends the most etc.  And they had to raise the shoe of the person who best fit the was VERY fun.

It was a beautiful ending to the perfect day!  Thanks for taking a peek into one of my best days ever!

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