Friday, August 9, 2013

Designed Decor Frame Kit

I am so excited that Close to my Heart has come out with this new Designed Decor Frame Kit!!
It comes with this beautiful frame, an exclusive stamp set, 33 Kraft die cut shapes, 6 mini wooden clothespins, and baker's twine hemp.  So, everything you need to make it!!  Plus you will have extras that I will be using on scrapbook pages!  

This is going to be on the guest book table when people come in at my son's wedding.  I know the pictures are a little small to see here, but the first "picture" is of a text my son sent me when he asked Brooke's dad for his approval to marry his daughter.  It says, "he said yes".
The next one is a text from Cody of a picture where he would propose to Brooke.  It says, "here tomorrow".  He was so cute when he was getting ready to ask her.  Then the next picture is of him proposing, then their engagement picture and the last one will be of them at the wedding.

It is such a fun way to "tell the story" for everyone to see.  You can now get your own frame kit for just $35.95 AND you get a great stamp set that you can use in so many other ways!  

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