Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Close to my Heart NEW Crush books!

OH MY GOSH!  I am in love with these new CRUSH books!  I knew they would be fun, but I have to say, I didn't think I was going to have this much fun with them!

I have always wanted to create a small scrapbook for all the trips I have taken with Close to my Heart.  I didn't want to make a 12 x 12 album (well I made one for each trip) but I wanted a small one to show a "snapshot" of my trips...but we didn't have anything that worked...until now!  
The Crush books have 60 10 x 7 printed cardstock weight pages and is hard bound all for just $12.95!

Here is my first page.  It tells the story (left side) of how my hobby turned into a business and the rewards were earning some AMAZING trips!  

The stamp that says "reel life" is from B1431 Reel Life it is just $9.95.  It is a perfect stamp set for these albums.  And I always have to tell my husband when we are on these trips to "pinch me" because I can't believe we have been to so many amazing place all because of Close to my Heart!  The "pinch me" are from stickers inside our pack of My Crush Best Day Ever Assortment ($4.95) it includes 16 journaling spots, 4 4x4 sticker sheets, 2 4x4 alphabet stickers and 4 2 x 2 envelopes.  They are all PERFECT for these little pages.  

So I am doing just a 2 page layout of our trips.  I put a little journaling on it as to where we went and I even used duplicate pictures from when I was scrapbooking my 12 x 12 album.  I even found a stamp set that was from a past campaign (not available now, but if you have it, it is PERFECT for this book) it is called It's My Day.  LOVE IT.  Then I got to thinking...I have extra dimensional elements that I need to use...you know, those little pieces that you have sitting around...GET THEM OUT!!  lol  You can also use washi tape, other stamp sets and even our adhesive dots etc.  Anything that is relatively small and doesn't bump your pages up too much.

But then I got to thinking...how am I going to get lots of pictures in just 2 pages...FLIP FLAPS!  Yep, I used our small assortment here.  Now I can put multiple pictures in a small area.  GENIUS!

I am doing just a 2 page layout at a time.  I go in my 12 x 12 scrapbook and get the dates and places, then go to my duplicate picture storage and pull pictures.  I don't want to do anymore then 1 trip at a time.  I feel like sometimes we pull too many things at the same time and get overwhelmed.  So I don't pull another one until the current one is done.  I just pulled pictures for our 3rd trip.  We have taken 11 so I hope to have them all done before we go on number 12!  LOL

So think about what you can use one of these for.  Family trips, kids going to college (they can take it with and do a little every day like pictorial diary!  How fun would that be!  Teen girls would love these, maybe one for just birthdays, or Christmas' etc.  the list is endless.  So get yours soon!  And get ready to relive your memories!

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