Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cow Town?

Some of you may think Omaha is a cow town.  Well, that isn't TRUE!  Ok...maybe a little LOL  The other day we had a semi full of cows tip over and we had cows roaming the interstate.  My husband said the cows found out there were going to become hamburger so they all decided to shift to the left!  LOL   We are, after all, the home of Omaha Steaks!  LOL  But really we are a REAL city...paved streets and all!

Right now Omaha is the host to the Men's College World Series.  There are men who strive to get to come to Omaha.  This is a HUGE if you are into college baseball.  AND starting this week Omaha is  hosting the Olympic Swim Trials!  WOW!  Yep...more then just a cow town!

You may have heard of Mutual of Omaha.  They are here in Omaha and they sponsor the Olympic Swim Trials.  We went downtown the other day and saw this!  They had this swimmer in the front of their building.  How cool is this!  You really can't tell from this picture, but it is HUGE!  See the building behind the swimmer?  I think I come up to his bottom lip!  lol
The swimmers are going crazy over this!  Lots of people taking pictures!  It is just very cool to see this swimmer coming out of the ground.

 Then on the other side of their building the stairs that go into their building had this picture of a swimmer on it.  WOW!  They really went all out!  They just finished these stairs when we were there and the person putting this on told us in their cafeteria they made the floor look like water and had swimmers on banners all around the cafeteria.

So come on and check out Omaha!  And of course watch out for cows on the interstate!  LOL


  1. What a fun time to be in Omaha. We have friends who are there for the baseball tourney. Since I love baseball and swimming, I would be in heaven.

  2. Impressive! Cool pictures too. Wish I was in Omaha, away from all this smoke!