Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organize Your Scrapbooking Projects

Have you ever been overwhelmed with all your scrapbooking supplies and just felt like it takes more time to get it out then you have time? Or you feel like you have to take EVERYTHING in order to go to a crop or a friends house to scrapbook?

Fear NOT! I have 2 solutions for you.
The first solution is for those little projects. Like when you have your group...you make your 4 layouts and you have all the extras to make more on your own. I recommend putting those 4 completed layouts in your ziplock bag that the kit came in (we do sell these if you need more or don't have any). When you have time, find pictures that will work with those layouts. Put the pictures in the ziplock with all the supplies and put in a place where you can find them. Then, as time permits, you can pull the bag and you have just about everything you need to finish those layouts and make more. All you need to do is pull the stamps, accessories and stamp pads. This is a VERY easy way to grab your supplies and go!

My second idea I have for you is when you are working on a large project, like a vacation when you take a million pictures! LOL I have taken these bins, and put my supplies, maps, notes etc. Everything that I need for this trip. I then label the box and put a checklist in the box. This list tells me what kit I used, the colors, stamps and accessories. So I can grab the box, grab the album, look at my list of supplies I need and I am out the door! This not only helps me stay organized, but I can get to scrapbooking MUCH faster and I don't have to take it all with me.

One other thing I don't scrapbook without...post it notes! If for some reason I forgot something I can just stick a post it note when I need the item and make a note. Once I get home I can add the needed item and throw the post it note away.

I have also recommended these boxes to my friends to put their supplies in. You can organize your supplies by season, theme...whatever. This will help keep your supplies organized also. I have a friend that is going to fill a box with all her "sports" paper, sticker, and embellishments. Now when she is ready to scrap, she can pull that box and those sports pictures and she is ready to go.

Organize your supplies and you will get more scrapbooking done!

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  1. I love those large boxes. I also use them for my kids' "art". There is plenty of room for all sizes of drawings, etc. MLoots