Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had my girlfriends over for a scrapbooking weekend. We spend Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday scrapbooking like crazy! We had food, movies, pictures and all the scrapbooking supplies we could possibly need.

To make things easier, we all are responsible for one meal and a snack (one salty snack and one sugary). I wanted to share with you the snack I made (ok...my husband made them for us, but YUM).

At our local grocery store (HyVee) I found these little croissants. You take some marshmallow creme and spread it on the croissant. Then you put 3-4 pieces from a Hershey's candy bar (I like milk chocolate but Lori & Sara got the dark chocolate) slice some fresh strawberries and then put in your Panini maker. OH MY GOSH this is so yummy! My husband calls them Smores for grown ups! LOL

They were very yummy, a little messy, but so worth it. I got this recipe out of the more recent Food Network Magazine. They have devoted their little recipe book (that is in the magazine) to paninis. We just love making different kinds of paninis so this was right up our alley.

For lunch we had ham, apple and brie paninis on ciabatta rolls. Then my husband made a mayonnaise spread for them too. He took some mayo, orange zest, orange juice and garlic, mixed it up and spread it on the ciabatta roll...added the ham, apple and brie and stuck it in the panini maker. YUMMY!
We got a lot scrapbooking done and it was great to have my husband helping make the food! He really is very handy to have around!

Give these recipes a try. Very easy and VERY GOOD!

Bon Appetite!

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