Friday, September 17, 2010


It is a tradition that when you go to a CTMH event, you make something cute for your room mates or those who you will be spending time with. I am going to our Advisory Board Retreat in Park City Utah and I wanted to make my fellow board members and the corporate staff some little gifts. This is what I came up with.
They are fold out photo albums for my fellow board members, and also Jeanette, Kristine and Monica. I didn't think the boys would like these, so I make them a snack bag filled with trail mix. And of course I had to use these ADORABLE monster stamps!

The colors I used are from our Olivia kit. I just love the fall look. The stamps are called Party Animals (D1437 $22.95).

These treat bags are a GREAT inexpensive way to make something for someone special. You can make these for teacher gifts, roommates, co-workers just about anyone and you can put anything in the bags. Just get a ziplock bag of your choice, measure the top and cut your cardstock to fit. It is that easy!

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  1. It's even more beautiful in person. Shari. Now I just need to find a minute to get some pictures taken so I can fill it!