Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scrapbooking in the Dark

This is even a new one for me. Last week about 15 minutes after my Wednesday group arrived, the tornado sirens went off. We headed to the storage area, and they brought their catalogs, order forms and shopping lists. LOL Luckily there were no tornados, but the power went out.

This first picture you see them in the storage area. It looks light in there because I had to put my flash on. It was real dark.

After the sirens stopped we came back in my scrapbooking area, but the weather was still raining sideways, so they couldn't leave. So, we did what any good scrapbooker would do, we cut our paper and proceeded. LOL
I even got help from my husband. He held a flashlight over one set of tables and I held them over the others. It was a little crazy, but defiantly a first for me.

After about an hour, the stormed passed and we saw this amazing double rainbow. It got somewhat lighter so everyone moved to the tables by the windows for that extra light. It was definitely an adventure. They were able to leave once it started getting dark again...it had stopped raining...so that was good.
The power was out for 4 hours and the house was getting warm, so we were happy to have it come back on again. Just goes to show you...every moment is a scrapbooking moment!

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  1. GREAT story. And, OF COURSE you got out your camera to document it. True scrapbooker!