Friday, July 9, 2010

Kiss Your Stamps!

Have you ever wished your solid stamp had a pattern? If you "kiss" your stamps, you can make your own pattern! Ok...don't really KISS your stamps with your KISS the stamps on another stamp.

Here's how you do it. You ink your solid stamp, then you press that stamp on a patterned stamp. See second picture. The pattern of the one stamp will pull ink off your solid stamp. Then you stamp it on cardstock. See how the pattern is now on the solid stamp. It's pretty cool.

I took that flower stamp and cut it out and made these cute little bookmarks. I am at our annual convention right now and this is what some of my friends and my roommate got in their little gift bags. They were fun to make, very easy and very inexpensive! I used our Noteworthy stamp set (D1412 $22.95) for the houndstooth pattern and the grid pattern on the solid stamp, The flower is from A Posy (A1102 $7.95). The crochet flowers are from White Daisy Mini Medley (Z1136 $7.95) and the corduroy brads are from our Autumn Garden Mini Medley (Z1119 $5.95) blue ones are from our Winter Mini Medley (Z1120 $5.95). The bookmarks can be any size you want. I put the flowers at the top so that part can hang out of your book! Give them a try!

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