Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Idea!

Have you ever had a GREAT idea when you were getting ready for work or your day and knew you could remember it? Then when you got to a place to write it down, you forgot it!
Then remembered it again when you are driving to work or on errands and don't have anything to write on?

This happens (happened) to me ALL the time! But I have a REAL SIMPLE cure for it. Now I keep a post it note pad and pen in my drawer next to my sink in my bathroom. When that great idea comes, I get my pad out of the drawer and write it down. I use post it notes so I can stick it to my finger so I know where it is until I get to my office. Sometimes during the bed making process I have lost them (temporarily) that is why I went to post it notes. They stick! lol
So whether it is a scrapbooking idea, cool idea for a card you want to make, getting low on makeup, a great idea for a workshop or picking up that new Summer catalog (coming May 1st), get yourself a pad of post it notes and a pen...now you will never forget those great ideas!

1 comment:

  1. I feel so proud of myself. I actually do this. I have sticky notepads in several rooms in my house for this very purpose. Yeah, you and me!