Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Get Organized

Let's get organized! I wanted to show you what I did with Close to my Heart's medium organizer (Z4139 $19.95). This is meant to hold our "bling" for scrapbooking...but I found it nice for cards and pictures too.
I had these plastic folders (like the ones you give your kids for school) and cut them apart to make the dividers. I had a bunch of them so that is why I used them. I put the theme with my label maker...so birthday, thank you, get well. etc. I LOVE it! All my cards use to me in a drawer not by theme and it took a while to find a card. Not anymore.

Then I thought it would be a great way to organize your pictures too. I cut some folder up, put the year on it and put my pictures behind the tab. I also have a spiral notebook that I write all the pictures that i have in the box. This way when I need pictures for layouts, I grab my book, find what pictures will work and to right to the box. DONE!

If you are not organized yet, you might want to be. And starting with this organizer is a great way to get headed in the right direction!

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