Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Need a Cute Treat?

There are times when you need a little something for a co-worker or a gift and you just don't want to spend a lot of money.  Here is my take on "using what you  have".

First of all, I had there microwave popcorn that we bought from the boy scouts.  Can't turn down those cute little scouts, but we don't eat microwave popcorn.  So I decided to decorate them and use them for my 3 day crop last week.  

This was PERFECT because our sleeping rooms now have microwaves in them.  SO, I "used the popcorn I had" and it was a Close to my Heart crop, so I decorated them with hearts, used extra paper that I had, embossed hearts on the white cardstock and TADA!   

And now I have a cute little treat for their goodie bags!  I get so excited when I can use things I have and they come out this cute!!    So think about that next time you need to give a gift.  Use what you have and get creative.  Because as the treat below says, "it's a good day to be creative".

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