Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Organize your Scrapbooking Supplies

Do you like to have your scrapbooking supplies organized? Or maybe you WANT to have your scrapbooking supplies organized. Here are a few ways that you can get them all together and organized so you can find things easier and grab your supplies and go to a crop! 
The first pictures is of our Rolling Tote. It fits all your supplies perfectly. Close to my Heart's small, medium and large organizers fit perfectly! You even have room in the side pockets for catalogs, trimmers and other supplies. There is a side pocket on both sides and one on the front! You can order this from my website at

Then our organizing of the medium organizer. Perfect to fill with all your supplies from stamp pads, blocks, twines, washi tape just to name a few. Our Large organizer (not pictured) is perfect for our stamps. You can fit approximately 40 stamp sets in it. 
And the last picture is our mini and our stamp organizer. This mini fits our M size stamps stamps and for an upcoming post on more ideas to use that...and the other one in the picture is our smaller stamp set organizer...fits about 15 stamp set.

Check out my website for these and more!

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