Friday, February 19, 2016

Mini Organizer

Close to my Heart has a mini organizer...not only is it so cute, but it also has MANY uses!!
First, the use it was created for...our M size stamps.  These little gems are 3 x 3 stamp that fit perfectly.  My favorite M size stamp are shown in this organizer.  Our state stamps.  We have a stamp for all 50 states, Canadian provinces and Australia and New Zealand.  These are PERFECT to scrapbook all your travels.  You can check these out on our website...see past posts for other things I have used the Nebraska stamp for.

The picture below shows how you can put the stamps in one side and 3 x 3 cards in the other.  We carry 3 x 3 envelopes too!  Here is what I love about these cards.  You always need them for gifts and they cost about $1 - $2 each.  You can make these fast and easy using your scrapbooking supplies!!  Then, you can store them in your mini organizer.

And my last picture is using it to store your ribbon, shimmer trim and even washi tape.  The dividers in this can come out (I have one out here) but you can take them both out if you want.  

One last thing you can do with this Mini Organizer is take the dividers out and use it to take your small projects with you wherever you go.  A regular stamp set fits in it...simply lay it down, I recommend it face down so the flap is facing up...then you can grab the flap to take it out.  Put your other supplies in there and off you go to create on the go.  This comes in handy for waiting for your kids at their sports or school, when you only have a little room and a project to get done, or simply storing that project in.

These are just a few of the things that you can do with our organizers.  To get more information or to order yours (Z3106 Mini Stamp Organizer), simply go to my website.
Theses little gems are only $12.95  You will love them so much you will want several!

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