Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Personalize it!

Some of you may know that we (Close to my Heart) has a jewelry line where you can make your own customer jewelry for a VERY reasonable price!  And some of you know I am not a big jewelry person.  (my husband appreciates that...lol) so I wasn't terrible excited about this line...it's cool, but not my thing.  Until one of my downlines showed me this!  
You can take the pennants and add a split ring and use them for your keychain.  YEA!  I love this!  This is a GREAT idea.  You can make them for gifts for your friends, relatives, teacher gifts...I personally think they will be GREAT stocking stuffers!  Yes I am thinking ahead.  
So whether you like them on a necklace or on your keychain...these are GREAT affordable ways to add a little bling to your keys! (or neck...lol)  These are less then $5!

Oh and YES, this is a new shape and our new signature design sheet.  Great way to "get personal". 
Come see them in person at my Open House THIS SUNDAY!  

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