Friday, May 30, 2014

Picture My Life Program

I am not sure if you are familiar with our Picture My Life Scrapbooking Program or not, but I thought I would tell you a little about it.  Here is our Babycakes Picture My Life.  It contains 1 12 x 12 cover page layout, 10 12 x 12 page protectors, 44 - 4 x 6 cards and 78 - 3 x 4 cards.  That is 122 cards!!  You simply take your pictures slide them into the page protectors, slide the cards in, journal and you are done!  

We have have 8 different kits to choose from.  I did some of my Costa Rica pictures using our Skylark kit.  LOVE IT!  I did one day of our trip in just 30 minutes using this system!  WOW!  This would have taken me so long to get done!  
And the Babycakes one (pictured above) is not only perfect for your baby pictures (yours or your kids) but also as a gift.  Simply fill the page protectors with the cards, leave room for them to put their own pictures in, put in an album and you are done!  PERFECT gift! is a can really get 2 gifts out of 1 pack, by just adding additional page protectors.  These are $24.95 so they are VERY affordable!
This is a sampling of Avonlea

Balloon Ride

Chantilly (this is GREAT for little girls)

Later Sk8r

Laughing Lola


Surf's Up

And I couldn't just leave them for scrapbooking...Here are some cards I made (with help from my friend Julie).  They turned out so cute!  So remember, you can use these cards how they were intended, or as embellishments in your classic scrapbooking, tags on gifts or even cards!  Love that these are so versatile!  
Ready to get yours!  You can go to my website and order some or give me a call or send me an email...I can get them ordered right away.  BUT...I do have some on if you like instant gratification, let me know..I just might have what you need here!

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