Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I wanted to share my Christmas card with you! 
 I have to tell you a funny story about them!
So as many of you know...I always try to use what I have...

So I found these envelopes in my closet.  Kind of strange size.  And I had a LOT of them!  They have been in there for about 5-8 years!  EEK!  So it's time to use them!
Oh, side note on the trees, I put some of our stardust glitter glitz gel...in real life it looks like they have snow on them!  

So, I decided to make my Christmas cards to fit in the envelopes!  LOL  It worked!  I used about 1/2 of what I had.  AND you know those annoying return address labels that come in the mail?  Well I had a bunch of those too...so I put them over the Close to my Heart logo and tada...using a lot of what I had!  

I still have more of those envelopes left...in fact, I found some in a different spot too!  UGH!  So it looks like I will have the same size Christmas cards next year too!  LOL

I hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Be safe and enjoy!

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