Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cute Gift Bags

Do you love to make homemade things but some times you just don't have a lot of time?  Here's your answer.  We have these cute red and green Season's Tweetings bags.  You get 3 green & 3 red bags for $8.95.
To personalize them this one, I cut the mustache image from our Cricut Cartridge and took the negative image.  Then I took our black pigment ink and sponged it on.  Now I have a customized mustache bag!  And they are NOT just for Christmas.  This one I put "world's best dad" on it.
 Below are a few I created in different ways.
 This one I did the same thing as the mustache bags but using the negative image to the letter S.  Great way to use your supplies you have to embellish these bags.
You can get the pack of 6 bags OR you can get a pack with 6 bags, 9 tags and a stamp set for just $14.95!  This is a GREAT deal.  But like all the other cute Christmas stuff...it is only available until December 31...so get them soon!  I do have a few here at my house if you like instant gratification!  Call soon!

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