Friday, September 21, 2012


Are you behind on scrapbooking and need to get it DONE FAST!  Feel like you will NEVER get it done!  Are you so far behind you just want to STOP taking pictures?  
I have the answer for you!  STUDIO J!  
We have something new in our Studio J collection.  It's called our Express Collection!  I LOVE IT!
We have 6 different themes with 10 two page layouts in them.  EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU!  All you need to do is drop in your pictures & add your journaling.  You can change a few things if you want, but it is mostly DONE!  
Here are some layouts I created with our Travel Collection.  They are from our trip to Seattle on Labor Day...YES THIS LAST LABOR DAY!  As in 20 days ago!  And these have been done for about a week now!  WOW!  

All these layout took me about 1 hour to do. I didn't have to develop pictures or anything!  AND, I only use the pictures I needed to use.  Normally I will print a bunch of pictures and about 1/4 of them I don't use.  That is a waste of money...but not with Studio J!  AND, one of my favorite things about Studio J is that you drop the photo in the well and it sizes it.  See the photo above on the left.  It is an 8 x 10...I normally don't print that size...and then the ones on the right bottom...TINY!  But the pictures resize and work GREAT!

Another feature I LOVE...when you place your order, you get the jpegs emailed to you within MINUTES!  Then you can share them on your blog, facebook or with family & friends while you are waiting for the originals to be delivered!  YEA!  OH, and do you make multiple layout for each of your kids?  Just click how many you want and you now you have one for everyone without any more effort!  YEA!!!! 

So I have these now and my originals are on the way!  I can't wait to see them!  What a great way to relive those memories!  (you can click on the layout to make it bigger)

We have made some changes in Studio J...NO MORE MEMBERSHIP FEE!  YEA!!!  This is GREAT!  It is simply $6.95 for a 2 page layout!  WOW!  Remember you will not have to have pictures developed!  AND you have access to all paper packs & layouts.  You will also get free jpegs.

Want to learn more about Studio J?  Join me for a FREE Studio J workshop on Wednesday October 10th at 7:00.  Just bring your laptop (if you don't have a laptop come anyway) and I will show you some of the GREAT features on Studio J and even create some!  Please RSVP!  Don't  miss it!  It's a GREAT way to GET R DONE!  And you will be able to see these layouts in person!  

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