Thursday, June 9, 2016

One in a Melon Stamp set

Can you tell I just LOVE this One in a Melon stamp set!! LOL LOVE IT!
But, what I wanted to show you with these cards is, how you can add a bit of cardstock to change the look of cards.

These are the cards Close to my Heart made using the Calypso card workshop. But I changed them up a bit.

So the the first card, the watermelon one, I added the Cotton Candy cardstock to the top. That is all. I forgot to take a picture prior to putting the Cotton Candy cs on, but you get the idea. Then the 2nd one, the yellow pineapple card...the first one is the one Close to my Heart made (now they are using what is in the paper pack, I added things that were NOT in the paper pack...and you can do...I bet you have a few left overs!) I added Pear Cardstock and shortened the dovetailed piece. Then on the last card in that series, I flipped the pattern paper and used the black side. Easy!

Then the 3rd card...the "enjoy the things" card...the first one is what they used, and the next one is me adding Cotton Candy cardstock and I also added a pineapple from the One in a Melon set. It is amazing how different they look by adding some scraps!

You need this stamp set and paper pack don't you! LOL Contact me or go to my website ( to order yours!

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